About Paperdolls
paperdolls: Tara & Guido

Guido - guitar, vocals, charango, trombone
Tara - guitar, vocals, tin whistle, ukulele

Paperdolls is a doom-folk duo from Miami, Florida. They have been playing together since 2007 and play latin influenced acoustic-punk with a dark, personal and political intent. In late 2007 they released a 9 song EP titled The Question Is, What Color? followed by a split 7" with VivaLeVOX in 2009.

Tara is a teacher and gives lessons in sewing, bakeing, horseback riding and guitar. She also uses guitar lessons as a form of therapy for children with special needs. She is involved with The Firefly Social Center in Miami, Fl. which is host to a community lending library, bike collective, band practice space, art space, and music venue.

Guido, records music and "runs" Incest Records, books shows and volunteers for most music related events at The Firefly.

They both have equal parts in writing, recording and producing thier music as well as making their merch, artwork, releases and website

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