Just added two songs from the 7" split with VivaLeVOX we released in January.


recording new songs and posting some mp3's and lyrics soon. come back.


Well, we've returned from our Europe/UK tour and I'm not sure what to say. It was incredable! Thanks to everyone that put the shows together and fed us and gave us a place to stay and to all the great bands we played with and everyone that came out to see us. We look forward to seeing everyone again. cheers




Paperdolls Europe/UK tour dates are up in the "shows" section minus Dubland and Barcelona which will be up soon. Thanks to everyone who helped us along the way.


The Paperdolls/VivaLeVox split 7" is out. The release party is this Saturday and It should be great. Our friends Liz and E.J will be kicking it off followed by Paperdolls and VivaLeVOX. We will have the records available but if you can't make it to the show you can get one here.


The Paperdolls/VivaLeVox split 7" is due to come out on January 27th!! Check out for pre-order stuff. We'll of course have it available at shows and on this site after the 27th. The tentative record release party dates are up on the shows page. see you there.


Our first show of 2009!! will be on January 1st at the Everglades Earth First Winter Conference/Action Camp. Visit the "shows" section for more info. Also, Our 7" split with VivaLeVox is finally ready for a January release. Come back for more or drop us a line if you want to be on our mailing list. Cheers to you and yours and a wondrous new year.


PAPERDOLLS T-Shirts are now for sale online in the "Store" section of this website. They go for $8.00ppd. not too bad.


Paperdolls/VivaLeVOX will be coming out with a split 7" on Incest Records. THe record is at the pressing plant now but we don't have any dates set for the release. Check back here or at for more info as it comes.


I think we are going to be playing a house show in Gainesville during The Fest 7. We don't really know when or where or who exactly but at some point at some place. I guess this post doesn't help much... sorry...I will post the true info when we get it.


Last night we played the "Can You Rock a Little Softer" night at Churchills Pub. This makes it the second time in two and a half years that we play plugged in (weird). The first, 2nd, 3rd bands came on and people carried on like they were in a high- school cafeteria getting louder as the music did. It's a bar! I know... but a perfect example on Miami taking shit for granted. It made it very hard to listen much less hear the heart pouring that was going on up on the stage. I was fairly or unfairly vocal about it when it was our turn to get up there. Whether or not I made my point I can't say. I just hope common courtesy hasn't become a dirty thought in a city where any half-decent live music venue go's as quickly as it came. That's some serious shit! It was still great to play though. Many thanks to Raffa and Rainer for inviting us.

Next Tuesday the 26th we'll be playing with Defiance, Ohio and Viva Le Vox at The Firefly... click here for more info...We hope to see you then. -guido


We're playing 2 shows this weekend with some great bands. We hope you'll join us. check out the shows page for the info.


We just walked through the door and though it's nice to be home I wish we were still on tour. For the past week we got to hang out with old and new friends all along the east coast and found inspiration in every corner. Though my mind got the best of me(I freaked out!) in Boston we were honored to play with some incredible music-makers to benefit the North East Climate Confluence. you should check that out while you can. I would like to recap everything for you but I'm fucking tired. maybe later? "and all the nights just don't know what it's worth" RFTT thanks to everyone for everything!!


Paperdolls May 2008 tour dates are posted in the "shows" section. Some details are missing from a couple but they'll be up ASAP. Thanks to those that helped us out with this.


Hey all, still need some help with our tiny-tour coming up in May

The dates with question marks are the ones in question.

May 21st Wed- Raliegh
May 22nd Thurs- New York
May 23rd Fri- Boston
May 24th Sat- Phili
?May 25th Sun- ? Dc/Baltimore/???
?May 26th Mon- Richmond/DC?
?May 27th Tues- Carolinas/Georgia
?May 28th Wed- Florida/ St.Augustine or Gainesville??

We know it's that time of year when everyone is flocking throughout the world to show their musical teeth. So we understand if everyone is runnin around like crazy but even a good finger pointing in the right direction will suffice.


We returned from our 3 day show spree to three opposite ends of Florida...alive. We had a hell of a time and everyone we played with was great. We ended up playing the Ghost mice show at The Firefly as well, which wasn't part of the plan but a ton of sweet. Many many thanks to everyone that put the shows together and played and came out!.. We are in the process of recording some songs for another release and preparing for a Paperdolls east coast tour in May. Things will be posted as they come up of course, but I think that's all for now.


I forgot to mention that we uploaded some new mp3s. 2 of the songs from the EP and the 2 Demo tracks remain in case you care to listen. I will be posting the translation for 'Rocks And Lollipops' fairly soon as well.


We have a few shows coming up the weekend of February 21st. We begin in Jacksonville and end in Ft. Myers with Delray Beach in between. Take a look at the shows schedule for more info. We are also working on a Paperdolls east coast tour for May. Please let us know if you would like to set up a show for us in your town or know someone that would/does. Or we'll just call you and harass you at 3 o'clock in the morning. Until then.


'Paperdolls' "The Question Is, What Color?" 9 song EP is out now! it's $5 + $2 (shipping) get in touch and we'll tell you where and how to send the cash. Thanks again to everyone who has supported us for the past year & a half. We'll be updating the mp3s on our site soon. See you later.


Check "shows" link for some new dates. As for the Paperdolls record, things aren't going as planned, but we'll keep you in the know as we figure things out.


Hello, welcome to our site! I guess we officially assume someone is going to read this. We finished recording & it will probably come out some time in December. For now you can read all the lyrics and listen to demo versions of two songs that will be on the record. Just follow the appropriate links.
We will be going on a tiny tour, on December 7th. Look in the 'shows' section for dates, venues, etc.. You know the rest.